Lava Lite ‘Knock Down’, Residential Flame Patio Heater, Natural Gas in 51,000 BTU


– by Lava Heat Italia


The Lava Heat Lite ‘Knock Down’ Residential Flame Patio Heater: Portable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable! This omni directional flame patio heater puts out an impressive 51,000 BTUs, facilitated by a durable and weather resistant 4 foot Borosilicate glass tube that provides 360•_Á distribution of heat in a 25 square feet of radius, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures. The manual ‘Easy Start’ ignition makes the Lava Heat Lite KD a snap to operate. The Lava Lite KD comes disassembled, to provide for more affordable shipping costs and easier transportation. The Lava Lite KD is disguised by its 8-foot-tall triangular aluminum frame with stainless steel door panels. This model has all of the same great safety features of the higher-priced Lava 2G flame heater, like the Safe-Tilt Switch (disables the unit if it tilts or falls), the tank stabilization strap in the base, and the safe to touch steel grills. Adding to the appeal of the Lava Lite are chrome reflectors at each inner corner of the unit, which visually enhance the flame by dispersing the light and adding an ambient glow-exclusive to the Lite series!

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Lava Heat Italia


25 x 24 x 91 inches, 85 pounds


85 pounds