Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder

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2-in-1 port technology – Allowing for easy switching from a mixed/sunflower setting to a thistle/finch mix position
11 lb. seed capacity and 9 feeding stations
Triple tube can dispense three types of seed at one time
Translucent plastic squirrel baffle dome and seed tray are included – seed ports and perches are metal
Clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. – by Perky-Pet


Birdscapes 329 Triple-Tube 2-in-1 Feeder Triple the Enticement Amp up your bird-viewing pleasure with this Triple-Tube 2-in-1 Feeder by Birdscapes. Thoughtfully designed, this hanging feeder attracts everything from cardinals, chickadees, doves, finches, and flickers to grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, and kinglets–even siskins, sparrows, wrens, and woodpeckers. The list goes on. This sleek feeder makes a lovely addition to any personal collection or a thoughtful housewarming or holiday gift idea for the novice or experienced bird lover on your list. Innovative Triple-Tube Design with 2-in-1 Ports This Triple-Tube bird feeder features three, independent, cylindrical-shaped seed chambers, all grouped together and positioned under a large, protective, dome-style cover. The cover not only helps protect the seed from rain, snow, and other outdoor elements, it also doubles as an effective squirrel baffle, helping to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed. Each of the chambers also comes with a trio of 2-in-1 ports made of durable chew-resistant metal. The seed ports not only evenly dispense bird seed, but the six upper ports also offer a sturdy metal post for birds to perch on when feeding. A large tray at the base of the bird feeder collects fallen seed, while also offering a comfortable spot for birds to perch when feeding from any of the three lower ports. The 2-in-1 seed ports make it possible for more birds to comfortably feed at a time, plus it creates more viewing opportunities for bird-loving onlookers to ooh and ahh. Easy to Fill and Use This Triple-Tube 2-in-1 feeder holds up to 11 pounds of bird seed, including black oil sunflower seed, peanut chunks, safflower, thistle, or mixed seed. The three compartments can be filled with the same seed or three different types of seeds for when you want to attract an even larger variety of birds. After filling this bird feeder, simply hang it in the yard, and watch as your feathered friends fly in to feast. The ports’ dispensary settings can be adjusted as needed by simply giving the feeding ports a slight turn. One setting creates a larger opening designed for dispensing sunflower or mixed seed, while the other setting creates a smaller opening for properly dispensing thistle seed. Suggested Placement This wild bird feeder comes with a built-in, stainless-steel ‘S’ hook for sturdy hanging near a back deck, porch, patio, or a window overlooking a garden or landscaped area in your yard. Choose a location that not only provides a great view, but that is also bird friendly. Birds prefer an open space, so they can easily move from one feeding port to the next. They also like to be in a location that gets both sun and partial shade during the day. An ideal location will be between 5 and 8 feet off the ground and within 15 feet of nearby coverage, like bushes and shrubs, so birds feel safe and protected from predators. Cleaning the Feeder The clear, shatter-proof plastic compartments make it easy to monitor seed levels. Be sure to keep this bird feeder clean and filled with fresh seed or feed to ensure happy birds and return visits. Birdscapes recommends checking this bird feeder once a week for insects or mold and cleaning it every few weeks with a mild soap and water solution. Convenient Components Highlights Wild Birds love: 9 seed-dispensing ports Comfortable perches to sit and feed Fresh seed continuously You’ll love: Large baffle to help protect seed from squirrels Large seed tray Built-in stainless-steel ‘S’ hook for sturdy hanging Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching wild birds feeding Feeder specifications: Measures 14.8 inches in diameter by 17.5 inches high 11-pound seed capacity Use with a variety of seed Metal ports; clear, shatter-proof, plastic reservoirs Frequently Asked Questions Q. What are the most popular bird seeds to use? A. Black Oil Sunflower Seed is the most popular bird seed. It is much smaller than the traditional sunflower seed and best for those birds with smaller bills, such as the sparrow, junco and goldfinch. This seed is accepted by the greatest variety of birds. Mixed Seed is also popular. It is best to buy the mixes that contain white proso millet, a tiny cream colored seed with a shiny shell. Mixes containing finely cracked corn and black oil sunflower are also preferred by a large number of birds. Nyger (Thistle Seed) is imported from Africa and Asia. Nyger won’t germinate, however, it has a tendency to become moldy due to lack of air circulation. If you notice mold on the seed, it must be removed from the feeder and the feeder must be cleaned thoroughly. Q. How do I clean my bird feeders? A. Before filling your feeder with fresh seed, it is recommended that the following precautions are taken: Remove all old seed. Soak feeder in a light water/bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach). Scrub feeder and allow to air dry. Rake and remove accumulated hulls and droppings from underneath the feeders. Spread mulch (bark or wood) under the feeder, replace mulch when soiled. Thoroughly wash hands after handling and cleaning feeders. Q. What is the importance of providing water for wild birds? A. Wild birds need fresh, clean water just as much as they need seed. Birds stay healthy by using water not just for drinking, but also for bathing, cleaning their feathers and to remove parasites. Waterers are better options than bird baths because they provide birds with fresh, clean water that prevents dirt and debris from contaminating it. In hotter climates or seasons, providing water for birds makes it easy for them to have access to a water source and retain their energy. By adding a water source, you also can attract a larger variety of birds to your yard. You may even attract more colorful birds that don’t eat seed, but are in need of water! Accessorizing Your Seed Feeder Baffle Hanging Chain Hook Seed Scoop Waterer Pole Comparing Types of Seed Feeders Type Tube Feeders Wood Triple Tube Sip and Seed Window Mount Squirrel Proof Lantern Seed capacity 1 lb. 5 lbs. 10 lbs. 1.15 lbs. 1 cup 3.5 lbs. 2 lbs. Squirrel-proof mechanism _ Easy to clean _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2-in-1 ports _ _ Tray _ _ _ _ Perches included _ _ _ _ Can be pole mounted _ _ Plastic _ _ _ _ _ Glass _ Water component _ Suet component _ Number of feeding ports 4 2 12 2 1 4 1 Types of ports Metal Wood Plastic Plastic Plastic Metal Metal Serves mixed seed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Serves black oil sunflower seed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Serves thistle _ _ _

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