Absorbine Horseman’s One Step Leather Cleaner and Conditioner


Contains 3 cleaning agents to remove dirt, sweat, and salt
Penetrates leather to protect against drying and cracking
Unique lanolin formula leaves a beautiful satin sheen with no greasy residue – by Absorbine


Horseman’s One Step is a convenient, one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream. Three cleaning agents remove dirt, sweat, and salt, while helping to restore a natural shine. Designed for the busy equestrian, it requires no water and combines cleaning and conditioning in one step. It is great for use on harnesses, saddles, halters, bridles, reins, boots, belts, luggage, shoes, sporting goods, handbags, and most leather garments. It penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy residue and it will not darken most leathers.

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15 Oz