Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit – Large

$56.00 $29.50


Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit – Large

$56.00 $29.50

Diameter bowl:15-30
Spout size:18
Weight: 3 lbs
Box Size: 22 x 10 x 4 – by Unknown

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The attractive look and practical design of the adjustable spout makes it a sure-fire seller. With their adjustable base, the spouts can be raised or lowered to achieve a perfect fit. This water feature generates more sound than other Bamboo Accents fountain kits, and can help mask traffic noise and other distractions. Available in four sizes. Retail packaging and pump included. People love the presentation of the 18 Adjustable. Its large diameter upright bamboo pole contrasts nicely with the two delicate small diameter bamboo branches. This fountain is normally used in a garden, as the scale is right for a larger outdoor setting. Set the pump flow to the desired strength to create the appropriate sound for your environment. Diameter bowl15-30.

Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit - Large

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23 x 8 x 3 inches


2.2 pounds

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